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The abstract submission is now closed.

Abstract rules

  • Title: The abstract title is limited to 150 characters. Do not use capital letters unless abbreviations or similar.
  • Authors and affiliations: Please enter authors’ name and affiliations in the dedicated fields. Do not use capital letters unless abbreviations or similar.
  • Text: Word count is limited to 200 words. The title, authors’ name and affiliation are not included in this number. 
  • Image: The abstract allows for no images.
  • Presentation type: Please indicate the preferred presentation type. The Scientific Committee will have the final decision on the type of presentation for each accepted abstract. The number of slots for oral presentations is very limited and the vast majority of accepted abstracts will therefore be selected for a poster presentation. In case you would like to give an oral presentation, we strongly recommend that you also apply to present a poster. We further recommend those selected to give an oral presentation to also present a poster, since this will enhance the possibilities for active scientific interactions.


  • Systems Biology of Cancer
  • Spatiotemporal analysis of disease models
  • Systems Biology of Brain Disease
  • Host-pathogen interactions and responses to infection
  • Data-driven methods for biomarker and drug discovery


If you have any questions regarding your abstract, please send an e-mail to esm2022@akademikonferens.se

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